These rules and regulations are written to assist in controlling the unauthorized use of LTPOA property which includes the boat launching ramps, boat docking facilities, fishing and crabbing piers, beaches, parks, clubhouse, parking areas, and all LTPOA parks and other property. Each property owner and bona fide tenant of London Towne may be required to carry a personal LTPOA identifier while using LTPOA property, as determined by the LTPOA Board of Directors.








Any sticker found not affixed as noted above, or affixed incorrectly according to LTPOA records of issuance, will be confiscated. A citation will be issued to the owner noting the reason/violation and any additional instructions.


Unauthorized use of LTPOA property is a violation of the LTPOA By-laws. In addition, violators are subject to towing of vehicles and trailers (with or without boats) at the owner's expense; and, they could be charged with trespassing. Habitual offenders may be denied the privilege of using LTPOA property.



STICKER AGREEMENT FORM - Print the form, complete non-shaded areas and submit to committee representative