Committee: Randy Faulkner, Chair

Purpose: To certify and distribute community stickers for access to community resources. Is responsible for the issuance of boat ramp keys and the maintenance of boat ramps located at Sections 1, 4, and 5. Certifies each member at any meeting of the general assembly and distributes ballots at the LTPOA Annual Meeting.

Meetings: As called.

Be sure to check the LTPOA Calendar for meeting schedules.


The Ramps & Credentials Committee meets at the Community Hall on regularly scheduled TUESDAY Nights from 7:00 PM to 8:00PM throughout the year to issue ramp keys and stickers to Community Residents.

Current Sticker & Ramp Key Fees

$ 3.00 Property Owner Stickers (Valid for 3 calendar years beginning in the year issued)

$ 5.00 Stickers for Renters and Dependents of Property Owners (Valid for the 1 calendar year in which it is issued)

$ 40.00 Ramp Key Fees (Valid for the calendar year in which it is issued Turn in your old ramp keys to avoid additional fees)

What Documentation Is Required to Purchase Stickers?

         Property Owners - Proof of Property Ownership (Deed, Tax Bill or Settlement papers)

         Tenants/Renters Proof of Residency A fully executed current lease with names of all parties, property address and the expiration date

         All - Current vehicle, vessel and/or trailer registrations. The documentation must be registered to your London Towne address

         Appropriate amount of Cash, or a Check, per Fees above