London Towne has docking facilities in and around each of the five Sections. Boat docking privileges on Association property are granted exclusively to property owners and tenants in accordance with Permissive Use Agreements and/or LTPOA rules and regulations. There are a limited number of slips available. Boat slips are limited to eligible boat owners.

All applicants must show proof of eligibility - proof of property ownership or lease agreement and current boat license. Cost of dockage is set by each Section. For slip availability and fees contact your dock master.

Renewals of boat slips commence on January 1. All boats using the community facilities are required to display the London Towne identification sticker at all times.

Unless otherwise noted, stickers and keys to the ramps are issued at the Community Hall on regularly scheduled Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Be sure to check the LTPOA Calendar or LTPOA News and Events sites for schedules.

Google Map of Boat Pier Locations


For further information, please contact your Section Dock Master:


Section 1:  James Bertram


Section 2:  Shaun Hamill


Section 3:  Norm Pennington   


Section 4 - Bentley Pier: Paul Nelson   


Section 4 - Fullerton Pier: Candy Turner    


Section 5: Vicky Pickering


Section 5: Tony Sledge



Link to Community Dock Regulations

SLIP AGREEMENT-Complete the form, save and print