Committee: Brent Blades (Chair), Steven Widmann, John Navarro, Mark Labuda and Rick Sours

Purpose: The Committee is responsible for addressing issues with the safety and security of the community and Association property through hiring and scheduling security officers and acting as liaison between the Association and law enforcement agencies.

Meetings:As called by the chair.


LTPOA Security:To abide by Anne Arundel County Code 4-7-201, LTPOA provides salaries for special law enforcement (Anne Arundel County Officers) to patrol community property. Officers may patrol in marked or unmarked county vehicles and may be in uniform or in plain clothes. The Officers primary responsibilities are to protect Association Property and to enforce the rules and regulations of LTPOA governing the use of ramps, parking lots (valid parking stickers and passes), parks, beaches, playgrounds, the clubhouse and all other Association property. These officers frequently assist AAPD on calls in the neighborhood, and have full arrest authority while on duty as LTPOA Agents.


Southern police district holds its meetings at the Edgewater District Station, at 7:30 PM on the third Thursday of the month. If London Towne residents have specific concerns, this is a great way to get to know the police officials in our district, influence coverage in our community and to help others in the process.

  • Anne Arundel Police Community Relations Council

     To contact the Police Committee:Please e-mail: PC.LTPOA@gmail.com

    Anne Arundel County Police (AAPD):For non-emergencies please call 410-222-8610. We encourage you to call this number any time to report suspicious people or activities in our neighborhood. You do not have to have an officer come to your door; you do not have to file a formal report; and, you may give information anonymously. Contact Southern District Office at 410-222-1961.


    If you have a police emergency, call 911.  

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