The Clubhouse

The LTPOA Clubhouse (including the grounds) is a multi-purpose facility for the use of the residents of London Towne. The care and custody of the property is managed by the Clubhouse & Grounds Committee. The LTPOA Board of Directors holds its regularly scheduled meetings at the Clubhouse. LTPOA Committees and Sections also meet at the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is available for rent for private parties, receptions, graduations and other events. Several community and youth groups and organizations use the Clubhouse for activities and events. Contact the LTPOA Clubhouse & Grounds Manager at 410-956-4808 for information on fees and booking.

For further information, please contact the Clubhouse & Grounds Manager:
Devin Capizzi 410-956-4808

Clubhouse RENOVATION ** In the June 2015 issue of the newsletter, fa硤e plans were presented to the community. Since then, the Board hired JP2 Architects in Baltimore to draft renovation plans and plans for additional space - with mechanical, electrical and structural considerations. Several options were presented to the Clubhouse & Grounds Committee and interested Board members and community members. The options included extending the building towards Salisbury, going up with a second floor or extending the building towards Mayo Road. The extension on the front of the building was selected as the best option. In June 2016, LTPOA sent the plans out to four contractors for bid.

At the September 2016 Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved the selection of a contractor and also approved seeking a bank loan in an amount not to exceed $765,000.00. As a function of our designation as a Special Community Benefits District, the bank loan will be secured by Anne Arundel County. The County will pay the loan with monies from our annually budgeted SCBD funds.

December 2017. Except for the county required re-subdivision process that is holding up the permits, everything is in place to start the project. The hope is to start the project no later than March 1.

July 2018. The county sub-division process was much more involved than expected. The county set a requirement that the Association build a bike and pedestrian path along Mayo Road and widen both Salisbury and Blue Ridge Roads. This also required moving utilities. The SCBD could not fund those projects so LTPOA had no financial way to comply. After some negotiation, the project is back on track. At this point, we cannot estimate when we will receive permits.

October 29 - the construction begins!